Friday, 31 May 2013


THERE'S A STORM outside as i write, lightning over the river and a huge dump of rain. so heavy that i 've just had a sploshing in the lounge room, a big leak that dropped water all over a huge stack of books i had sitting on the floor.
why were the books on the floor?    because i had to pull them out of the bookshelves
to pull out the electric plug, in fact i had to pull all the plugs out all over the house earlier in the day because the power went off, all except the lights so i knew it wasn't
a general power failure.  i pulled all the plugs out on the sparkie's phone instructions trying to track down the cause.   local sparkie craig came out today while i was out, but he hasn't
solved the mystery yet, so i'm sitting here with extension cords all over the place, operating off the few power points that are working.
ooh - here comes the rain again,  i think that leak was a buildup of water on the flat
roof over this living area, it was so heavy i don't think it could drain off the roof quick enough.   guess i'll be looking for a plumber now    SIGH!

GOD it's bucketing down now - i'll be too scared to go to bed in case i find the lounge room has turned into a swimming pool overnight.


on the way into mildura today,  this field looks amazing when you see the whole 
thing from the road.   just 100's and 100's and 100's of pumpkins 

late this evening - a bit dark to be taking pics
not a very good shot, but i loved the fact that it's a mother with it's baby pelly

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  1. Love those punkins. I just love where you live! x


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