Sunday, 2 June 2013

4 A.M.

i've been awake since 1 - don't know why, maybe the wind outside in the trees and spasmodic bursts of rain on the roof are stopping me going back to sleep - maybe it's because i have to get up at 5 for an early flight to queensland. whatever the reason, i'm not impressed.

yesterday i went into mildura to meet a group of people interested in forming the city's first photographic group.  should be good, we'll meet every couple of months and set projects of ourselves.  it was good to get advice on various aspects of cameras and digital formats from people with all levels of involvement in photography.

went to see the Great Gatsby.   didn't like it at all - daisy's dresses were beautiful, but poor old baz simply doesn't know when to stop when it comes to razzamatazz.  too much of everything and the story was simply lost in the process. no character development at all.  i only stayed in the cinema because i was filling in time until the art vault end of
exhibition do.  disappointing because i really loved the book.

 MY GUMBOOTS have been christened, it's been raining and raining, all day yesterday so i raced out to plant three trees before i drove into mildura.

eucalyptus torquata - coral gum    This is my second go at growing a tree in the middle of what will be a circular drive - the first tree was looking great but carked it in the super hot weather.  hopefully this one will take over the cool months

at the meeting 
of the 
group -
held in the 
cafe at
mildura arts 


 autumn colour is glowing as everything has been washed by the rain

this sign always intrigues me, anglican catholic ?


  1. Love your pics Anne. And your coral gum will look gorgeous too fingers crossed & it will be fun to watch it grow. X Gail

  2. Wonder what Nicki Greenberg thinks of Gatsby. I haven't seen it yet.


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