Thursday, 6 June 2013


tuesday - sitting at the signing table at the festival - hardly a book sold but lots of notebooks and scraps of paper signed :0|Phillip Gwynne, one of the authors at the festival was tellingme about a book called Mortification - writers' stories oftheir public shame    i've got to track that down, we all haveour experiences of sitting there like a shag on a rock withnot a soul in sight, humiliation!    :0)

wed - UP AT 4.30 a.m. for a 2 hour bus trip to brisbane, a 2 hour wait then a plane to sydney, another wait and a 2 hour flight to mildura, finally got here at 2.30 and drove home for a quick unpack then back into mildura for an Art Vault opening and the launch of Mildura Living magazine, which had done a feature article on me so i really felt i had to be there.   i was grateful to friend ruth who invited me to stay the night so after a dinner at stefano's brewery we went home and crashed.  now i'm home in wentworth and i'm not going anywhere for quite a while  :0)

last night in maroochy -  dinner at the blue bar down the road with authors paul collins, john heffernan and
writer illustrator gus gordon and author/publisher sue whiting (my roommate)

left - experimenting with
the macro on my camera
after changing settings -
this is a codewords that
i've been dragging around
for a week trying to
figure it out :0\
my new heater has a scary face!


  1. fabulous photos, as ever. It is as if the world pretties and poses for you! So weird to see it was flooding there and here, and how beautiful the sunny shots in this post are!


  2. Your heater looks a bit like a slow loris : )


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