Wednesday, 26 June 2013

a night at the art vault

DAMON &  KYOKO hit town - here for a residency and already printing like crazy - great prints and plenty of them.   we all attended an art vault opening then headed off down the lane to stefano's pizza cafe for dinner. lots of great graffiti in the lane - here are damon and kyoko on their way to dins.

this graffiti on the
art vault wall is 
particularly creepy
at night
LOOK AT THE LIGHT ON THE TREES  above and below - colours??  red and blue  -   yes, the colours of flashing police car lights.   i got pinged on the buronga bridge coming home - breathalised (all good) but i had beenspeeding as i came onto the bridge, and although i was doing 60 by the time i passed the cop car he still booked me.  i took these photos while i waited for him to do his policeman thing.   i still haven't looked at the ticket so don't know how much it is.   sigh  

the sky was
amazing on 
the way home.

look at that
weird vertical
swirl of

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