Sunday, 16 June 2013


 SATISFYIN' that's all
i can say about today.  a big sleep in (it was a cold morning) so i did a lot of emailing and googling in my super comfy ultra soft luxury bed :0)

then an afternoon of gardening in glorious sunshine -  my new lady spade is a winner, pointy so it was so easy to dig into the soft soft earth - after all the rain it's a breeze to dig a whole new bed.
ask me how i feel tomorrow morning      

i made a new garden in front of the bungalow - lots of transplanted
 irises, geraniums, and i've planted all the native shrubs i bought
a few weeks back.

AND  a NUTHER garden bed along the verandah - alyssum,
chamolile, more geraniums, grevilleas.  a paradise really :0)

there are irises all over the property, mostly planted around the far distant perimeters out front, so i've moved a lot of them around the house where i can enjoy them.

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