Sunday, 16 June 2013


ah, it's sunday morning and i got a lot of illustrating done this week 
so today is mine.  planting, knitting and a couple of films i think.

I had a nice dinner here for artist rod gray who's doing a residency at the art vault.    i bought one of his paintings, and he came with his wife janine and daughters nina and sienna, who were fun characters and mad about books. they didn't want the tv, just lay around on the couch with all my picture books.  we had lambshanks and berry pie,  and i had my little combustion wood heater on.
friend steve got it going for me the other day and next door neighbour gavin bought me in enough wood for a night's blaze. so that's one form of heating.  i also have a gas 'coonara' style heater (bottled gas up here) and a reverse cycle heater/aircon - very expensive. so this 
winter will be spent figuring out what's economical.  lots of clothes ?

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