Wednesday, 5 June 2013


voices on the coast has been a really good festival - the immanuel lutheran college and university of the sunshine coast put it on every year and students from the college are our 'introducers' and techies.  our accommodation was terrific, big spacious apartments with separate bedrooms and bathrooms, shared by two authors or illustrators which works well, good to have company and we have plenty of our own space too.   right near the beach at maroochydore.

here's young roland harvey on the bus as we all headed in to our first day of sessions at the university

the university has one of these sculptures like the one in fed square, this one is in a better position and it looks great against the fabulous queensland blue sky

ah yes, 
of fun

lots of great kids there -

left is one of my techies,
he was lovely and i'm
ashamed i don't have
his name

also adult helpers,
patricia above
boys being boys in my 'woolvs in the sitee' workshop

end of the day - sue whiting, editor from sydney and my roommate  and i went for a walk along
the beach path, the surf looked great

funny turkey wandering around the maloolabah shops, don't know where it came from

lovely clint, husband of kelly
who organises the festival with
her trusty team.
clint ferried us back and forth
to sessions in the bus and
was always so upbeat and
chilled out - a gem.

gorgeous glossy ravens at the uni, below are my helpers, sophie, sansia and amee

we all headed in to a dinner which had been organised by the immanuel college.  lovely book-based hand-made decorations, good food and we each sat at a table of four with people interested in children's books.  music provided by students as well.

there was a pretty little man made pond opposite our room,  full of waterlilies and ducks
from the peasant prince workshops

my favorite mad cat from the primary workshops -

HOME NOW and time to post another pic of my beautiful grandson cal

             . . .  SPECIAL POSSUM . . . .

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