Tuesday, 4 June 2013


we've all been here since sunday night, 27 authors and illustrators doing sessions at the University of the Sunshine Coast.
www.voicesonthecoast.com.au is a literature festival that's been going for 18 years and this my second time here. it's a buzzing event with kids everywhere, over 4000 over the two days from schools all over the place.
 Limited internet access - in the hotel it's hopeless, dropping out all the time and here at the school i can't use my laptop so photos will have to wait till i get home tomorrow. i hope i don't find the whole loungeroom flooded.  i might check the mildura weather while i'm on the net.

i'm really worried about the trouble in istanbul, susan says that the street up to their place has had all the curbs and pavements taken up by the protesters to create barriers to stop the riot police driving up to taksim.  the local shop has shut, apparently over the weekend sean could hear saucepan lids clashing and chanting, tear gas and water cannons.  it's so sad to think sunny and i were having such a wonderful time there only a month ago. i hope it's resolved peacefully, but it's spreading to a lot of other cities.  feels ominous.

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