Sunday, 30 June 2013


I HAVEN'T WRITTEN  anything since thursday i see.   well this morning i got up to make a coffee and as i do, i looked up to the front of the property where the sun comes up.   i could hear a dog barking and there he was, happily wagging his tail and standing proud on the back of the ubiquitous white ute as it flew by.  it's one of those iconic images - the
bluey or kelpie on the ute, always happy, always barking. 

nothing much happening here, i'm busy getting work done on my book and photos from my new fuji camera are on the other computer so nothing to put on the blog right now.  

a few pics from the net, nothing that captures that happy dog i see every day on a dozen utes around town,  must get some pics of my own.

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