Sunday, 30 June 2013


I must remember to write the good AND bad things that are part of life here -  this record of my first year on the river will be valuable to look back on during the years to come. 
this last week three more feral cats have been despatched, two caught in the cage and put down by friend peter and one which was mysteriously just lying dead in the open space beside the drive. no sign
of injury or pain, just freshly dead.   i think maybe it had been just caught by a car and died in the cold of the night.  it's all pretty unpleasant and i know there are at least two more living in the rubbish pile next door. one stripey and a big ginger tom.   trouble is, because 90% of them are stripey, i could be seeing a whole heap of different cats and not know it,  the 'gone-to-god' mogs are testimony to that.     

Still, i only have to see the little piles of feathers around the lawn and garden to know it needs to be done - not only birds but little marsupials and reptiles will be being caught and eaten.

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