Friday, 14 June 2013


IT'S STILL DAMP and it's just lovely. light rain and cool weather.  this little kangaroo was in the front today, i could see him from the kitchen window and even though he was a long way away, he spotted me too.

heating is the  thing i'm working out right now,  friend Steve came over today and lit my little wood combustion heater - it's working fine and the smoke is coming out of the chimney - it draws really well.

Steve brought over 
this wood in two old

diptins - tins that were
used by the growers here 
for grapes - they're
disappearing fast, so
i'm really lucky to
have them

my fire - ah :0)
 found this mushroom in the lawn, it's about 5'' in diameter, and now i've just eaten it in a great risotto.  

with all the wood on the ground here and mushies coming up around the house, i can live for nuthin'!

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