Tuesday, 25 June 2013


A DAY OF PRINTING  on my way in i saw a field just covered in galahs, there must've been 100.   and this group of glossy ravens


i had actually stopped to photograph this sign -  i have to order a pile of redgum for my wood heater, i think that's my best option for economical heating.  it's  getting pretty crisp here in the mornings, but days are clear and sunny.

As i crossed the bridge at buronga i looked down to see hundreds of pelicans and seagulls all over the river,  as far as the eye could see.  they looked amazing in the morning sun

 It was a good day in at the art vault - a new exhibition being hung so lots of activity and people coming and going all day.

andrew and david hang work by jenny manning

below- ceramic sculpture by maxine

that fabulous full moon again.     it's rising over the river now again as i write, but i can't get a clear shot of it through the trees       it's beautiful

 speaking of beautiful . . .

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