Friday, 21 June 2013


MY CAR had been diagnosed with a back end (?) needing to  be replaced at a cost of over $700.  i needed a second opinion so took the car to my regular service centre. it would be over an hour so i went on a wenty walk . . .   a tourist in my own town, and something i don't do often enough.

the wall at the
end of the IGA 
supermarket - 
no idea what this 
sign means.   

april 1 2011 till
march 31 2014

what happens
after that?

the bus stop sign just appealed because it's so hand made

no drinking in the bus stop - makes it hard
to read to the timetable

then i wandered down to the wharf, wentworth was once the busiest inland port in australia, and the town was considered in the final selection of a site for the capital city of australia.

this is john egge - i've seen the name around the town, a lane name for instance.

obviously of chinese extraction, he was a major trader on the river.  i love this sculpture, it has a wonderful feel of stillness, just looking . . . down the darling towards the meeting of the rivers, the murray/darling

as i'm writing, the wonderfully named steele scaddings is zooming around on his ride-on mower.   i was sitting here with the laptop on my knee when suddenly there was a loud scattering of raindrops on the roof and just as i wondered if the lawn-mowing would be a non-event, steele arrived.  the rain stopped and now i'm sitting here listening to stones hitting the windows and wondering how long it will take for one of them to crack :0\

This  is a little museum of the history of paddlesteamers on the murray/darling.  it's in  the main street and today was  the first day i've  been inside.  
the outside doesn't really indicate what's within so for a while i didn't realise what it was. lovely models of paddle steamers all made by Rodney Hobbs;  i particularly  like the tiny details, wool bales and logs of wood on the decks.

Here's Rodney outside his premises - Riverboat Rod's Model Riverboat Display, Darling Street, Wentworth
if you're passing through wentworth he's just a couple of doors from the Royal Hotel.

next on my walk -  a sign 

'lemons $1 bag, pumpkins $1 kg, how could i walk past?   this little beauty is going to be served tomorrow with lamb shanks, i'm having friends around for dinner.

its so pretty i had to
photograph it both sides :0)

After a coffee and raisin toast at Artback cafe  - and the age crossword - i went back to pick up the car.  the bad news?   an out of whack exhaust which was causing the grating noise, not a tyre rubbing on a crook back end.
and the cost?    $40 for half an hour's work  :0)     i guess that rubs out the angst of my parking fine yesterday.

and here he is  -  steele,  zooming around the front of the house in sunglasses and earphones,  it's all lookin good. :0)

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