Friday, 7 June 2013


FRIDAY  donnie byrne invited me out to wongumma for the day with her daughter penny and rod gray who's a current art vault artist in residence along with sofie gralton.  they picked me up at 11 and we drove out through flat semi desert playing the byrne family's traditional version of 'eye spy' with points for particular things,  a tricky game because there's almost nothing to see but red earth and flat grey saltbush.
it was a sunny autumn day, everything is looking fabulous.  a really good day with friends, walking
along the billabong, lunch, scrabble, a little bit of drawing, more walks and talks, a few treasures found . . . a very nice day
donnie and penny at the great old wongumma house

rod proves the theory that if a skeleton is human, your tongue sticks to it :-o


TIME TO GO - Buddy had a full doggy day

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