Saturday, 10 December 2016


 in melbourne, no car - just myki and me.

 i flew down in fluffy blue skies to a quite cool wintry but pleasant day. 

strange creatures on the horizon taken from the skybus window - war of the worlds?

dumped my bags and walked down to lygon st and a movie 'arrival' which i really enjoyed. dinner with sunny and a walk home together for a game of scrabble   :0) nice day


juxtaposition of architectural styles, i know which one i prefer

FRIDAY - a whole day at the NGV, lunch with me ol'mate terry and a look around david hockney.  two thumbs down from both of us.

viktor&rolf was fabulous however, amazing clothes, mostly unwearable 'wearable art' - so creative and crazy and truly inspiring. a beautifully put together exhibition that i highly recommend.

this was a gorgeous mini parade, we waited to the ticking of a large clock for quite a while then lights came on, music and this little lady, a 40cm china doll glided out turning her head this way and that, raising a hand and glided back in. that was it,  everyone was smiling

after hockney's icky ipad art we headed up to the 3rd floor to look at some real paintings done by a painter with paint and a paintbrush :0) SO much better and so satisfying, abstract and thick with, yes you guessed it - paint.

these emeralds were just spectacular
a quick walk thru the asian gallery to see a few of my favorite things then the  Bulgari jewellery - my god, diamonds and emeralds so big i was almost salivating.  what is it about sparkles that is so captivating.  big photos of liz, sophia and gina wearing these fabulous pieces, i loved it.
we had lunch out on the yarra then i splurged on not one but two pairs of boots at zomp on the way home - half price :0)

my reason for coming down to melbourne was the APW xmas artists party and by the time i got home to change, it was 4.45.  good timing i thought, to get there by 6. then i checked the invite and it was 5pm till 8  :0(     rushed out to the tram, got halfway down royal parade and wondered 'did i turn the gas stove off after making a coffee'???  i had to jump off and walk all the way back but wait, i thought. i now have an Uber app, so started getting a ride while i walked.   password???  buggar!
got back to sunny's, of course the stove was off.  checked my password, went thru the rigmarole of Uber for the first time, put in my card details and the car was 8 mins away. i could see it on the map.  i waited, waited, waited,  could see another car coming from another direction, neither getting much closer and then my request expired. obviously i missed a vital step so in a big grump i raced out and jumped on the tram again,  changed in the city to the 86, and finally got to apw at 6.45!  grrr

it was great though, i got to see lots of people, and had a yum dinner at tiamo with janet and bevan.  walked home so i've had enough exercise for a week :0)

left - deborah klein photographing friends at apw, i didn't take my

pleased to see my 'wren' print edition has sold out

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