Sunday, 11 December 2016


SUNDAY - I'M IN BED, it's 8.45am and gorgeous outside, better get up.  it's been a lovely 3 days in melbourne, thursday at the movies, friday at the ngv and yesterday sunny and i did the full length of sydney road's op shops. sunny scored bigtime, a couple of bags of goodies - i bought nothing :0)
did my first Uber trip into the skybus and flew home to arrive at 8pm, tired, footsore but happy   :0)  must do that every now and then.

what better for
shopping energy
than to polish off
a vanilla slice big enough to share -
my big purchase
for the day :0)

lunch in a gorgeous colourful courtyard at the charles weston hotel, beautiful trevally and chips with salad, and saturday's age

DRIVING HOME - back in the mallee

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