Wednesday, 7 December 2016


MELC (mildura english language centre) visited on monday, this is a lovely group of students from turkey, the stans, malaysia, thailand, quite a mix.
i organised two concertina books for them and each wrote their name on a double page and chose some eucalyptus leaves to put in.  they stayed for about 2 hours and each made a little thank you speech to me before they left to go and visit steve.   it was lovely to have them here and i got quite choked up by their kind words.
i took the books out today, some nice results.  i 'll take them in to the school next week

                     a little boobook owl, hiding up under the  
                     tankstand - the butcher birds and noisy
                     miners were really giving it a hard time

 this handsome spider
has set up outside the
kitchen window. he or
she has two little ones
in webs nearby.
it would be about 3"
long and that's a young
one behind i
                             a large praying mantis, never
                             seen one here before

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