Tuesday, 20 December 2016


LAST NIGHT  martin and sonja came out for dinner - it couldn't have been a more perfect night - warm weather,  not too hot, no wind,  a gorgeous evening for us to spend the evening out on the deck while the sun set over the river :0)  very nice

ah, the joys of posing for an auto-timed group shot :0)

i do like this shot - by this stage we'd done so many auto-timed shots ( my camera does ten in a row) we felt like we were in a stop-motion short film :0)
the flooded riverbank is drying out but it's still really
soft underneath
sonja  - we went for a walk along the riverbank over the fence from my place, this is where i was kayaking two weeks ago, the river is dropping so fast

fire from the setting sun and the bbq - martin turning the chops :0)
the lovely sonja at sunset

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