Friday, 23 December 2016


the garden still looks cool despite the fact that my
pump is off being pulled apart and repaired, no
watering over the past few days.  all due to
the sudden dropping of the river. hopefully it'll be
back today and i'll give everything a good drink
before i leave tomorrow
WE CAN'T COMPLAIN about the weather over the past weeks, it's been gorgeous, high 20's, balmy, no wind, perfect for sitting outside and enjoying christmas company.

my lady sculpture's
looking good in
this morning light

now it's going to be getting seriously hot, 39 today and 40 tomorrow, i'll be travelling south to the grampians but it'll still be at least 38 there :0(

yesterday was Fossey's Gin's first public evening - four different gin flavours available already, my artwork on the walls and on the labels.
steve timmis, the man behind the label

friend rob and my illustrations on the wall


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