Friday, 2 December 2016


GRRR  new phone not working well, fuzzy sound, everyone says i'm sounding muffled. so telstra's changed the sim card, today i'll try it out again.
got a big fat new filter for the pump, four years ago i wouldn't have known what this meant but i'm actually excited - i simply couldn't get the old one undone, plastic on plastic screw top - infuriating. this new one looks terrific :0)  and it's self cleaning, sounds like magic.

last night was the opening of graeme drendel's major survey show Silos and Silence, forty years of work.   very dramatic, big galleries double hung with large oils, lots of fabulous skies

left, jake modica - mildura's new deputy mayor and arts and culture person - jake did my black bathroom and he's a terrific guy

                   graeme talking about growing up in ouyen
sonja and maya :0)
graeme's wife wendy, middle, with australian galleries' stuart purves


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