Tuesday, 28 July 2015


 TODAY i feel i'm really
starting my book,
i'm redoing the storyboard and it's working.
  i've spent a really good day doing a lot of different things and the feeling of having my head full and not being able to concentrate on any one thing is gone.   the creative process,  what a pain it can be.  but i'm not stuck 
any more :0)

i put the beautiful jacket i bought in osaka together with my wedding dress today, they're gorgeous.  inspiring

drawings for the new storyboard

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this morning was gorgeous, in fact the whole day was -  still and sunny, the river full of clear reflections, i went for a long walk to get the paper, through the golfcourse taking time to get lots of pics and to listen to the beautiful sound of the butcher birds, they were in full song today

the pond on the golfcourse

    what a sensational tree

    the butcher bird,  they sing like angels

my lorraine lee rose,  a huge climber that's about 15 ft high and 20 ft wide.  
i wish it was growingall over my verandah instead of behind the shed

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