Friday, 17 July 2015


YESTERDAY i caught up with my new cuz Gordon Searle,  his dad and mine were cousins, their dad were brothers jack and george.
We pored over old family photos, filling in gaps, noting resemblances and getting to know each other a little better.  It's intriguing to find out about another section of the family

This is the family photo that fascinates me the most, so many different resemblances here.  my dad is in the middle front row, big collar.  his sister edna and myra and to his right (one other girl in between).  my grandfather is 2nd row left with uncle tal on his knee. his wife is behind him slightly to the right with an invisible baby uncle jim in her arms.    gordon's dad is the uncertain little guy on his dad's knee second row behind edna and myra.   and there's a rene double in the 3rd row 3rd from right, lionel.

irresistible little
characters from
gordon's suitcase
of memorabilia 

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