Thursday, 30 July 2015


TODAY  -  work on the book, a long walk to the newsagent thru the golf course (without the camera)  and home to see Jim Pavlidis and Robert Hague, currently in residence at the 
     Art Vault.  

I had a lovely afternoon with robert and his wife danni and sweet boys miles and jackson.  they came out with jim (artist at the age who i know from court sketching days).  after agonising at the shop about what to get for the boys and us to eat and settling on a simple packet of kingstons, the boys surprised me by wanting a carrot each - which i had  :0)     of course the bickies were all scoffed too

whoops  i'm wearing a rubber band as a bracelet,  hard times

when you don't have a tripod . . .

love this shot of miles - they all headed 
off to the perry sandhills after my place

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