Sunday, 5 July 2015


MY PESKY COLD which i've had for a week in a very mild form, decided to clunk me on the head yesterday and i spent the day lying on the couch bingeing out bigtime on 'orange is the new black'.  thank god for netflix in times of crookness :0) 
this morning i'm a bit better after a beautiful lambshank dinner cooked by sunny, a game of scrabble with her and brett and an early night.   some walks on the beach in coats and scarves could be the order of the day.

My book is sorted on paper,  storyboarding almost finished and it's working :0)
this week i'll do some more printing and drawing after collecting more reference, i now have what i need for every page  :0)

i found a wonderful book

on nureyev at the op shop
- the perfect prince

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