Wednesday, 15 July 2015


HOME THREE DAYS and already i'm doing six things at once, none of them artwork.  it just highlights how valuable the time in pt lonsdale was.
We're in the middle of organising an exhibition of work by the growing number of artists in this community,  they're coming out of the woodwork as our fireside meetings at the pub continue.  on sunday we were wondering if we'd get enough people to make the town hall look half full, thinking maybe ten.  but we've got 24 artists and craft workers, a really diverse range of work. it'll be a good day and i'm in charge of media so that's the main distraction right now as well as dentist visits :0(  and flat packery!!   which i love


       i've almost got the new bed
     together, the mattress 
     arrives today then i can
     make it up with the lovely
     bed linen i've bought :0)

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