Tuesday, 21 July 2015


RUGGED UP TO THE EYEBALLS - walking to the cafe or shop involves coat, gloves and scarf, not to mention explorer socks, it's been absolutely icy.  but the days are clear and sunny and beautiful, not really warm but sitting in the sun is still lovely.

walking past the lock,
 I ran into mer, our
singing group leader
with her two 
handsome dogs

the striking blue faced
honeyeater in one of
my favorite trees, 
a eucalyptus rosea,
not sure which one
a spiny cheeked honeyeater in a white cedar, these birds
have a lovely chirrupping, rolling song, you always
know when they're around

a sunny morning
spent at Artback,
wish they were
open 7 days a
week, i have to
wait till thursday
now for another
sunny xword.
the sun is gorgeous
at my place in 
the afternoon, on
the verandah
barista luke behind john's amazing cakes - i look but no touch :0)

beautiful bill
a popular local
always found
waiting patiently
for his master 
outside shops,
cafes and the

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