Monday, 13 July 2015


GOT HOME LAST NIGHT in the dark, but daylight doesn't show any disasters, no fallen branches, the garden all looks fine although the saltbush i transplanted looks pretty dead.
Up early to organise brunch for visiting artist sophie gralton and her partner john howard, a familiar face on the big and small screen - most recently as the people eater in mad max fury road.  it was another cold and breezy day but we had a long and really nice time.  they're both great company and it was a nice way to settle back in at home :0)

                      I brought out a belated
birthday muffin for sophie
with the famous lotus
candle on it.  after the
spectacular lighting
ceremony the happy
birthday tune wouldn't
play - we could hear
tiny strangled sounds 
coming out.   john read
the instructions on the
box and it said to cut
the fine copper wire to
stop the music.  after
they left i cut it and 
voila!!  the tune started
up in full volume  :0+

thanks for the flowers sophie

   Sophie couldn't resist a bit of circlework on the way out :0)

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