Wednesday, 22 July 2015


It's Wednesday morning and the cold has just gone, i went outside last night and it was balmy after so many days of absolutely icy air.  it's gorgeous

Yesterday i called into the art vault to see what everyone was up to.  Sonja's working on a lithographic stone, black plus four separate layers of colour.  and resident Robert is drawing on a stone, beautiful images of broken plates with the cracks repaired with gold leaf.  they're gorgeous and there's an exhibition of them in the front gallery

                                                                two lovely people

the exhaust always reminds me of a giant elephant's trunk :0)

             Robert Hague, google him.  i should've photographed some of
             the work on the walls

just found this pic on facebook, sonja took it while i was busy
shooting pete  -  i chopped my hair off on monday.   what do they say? the difference between a bad and a good haircut is three weeks??  :0)


Mildura has so many places to buy inexpensive things. Cheap as Chips is great
for some food, great inexpensive flatpack furniture and basic homewares. I
had a field day yesterday, buying plastic containers and trays for the upcoming
fabric dying workshop here with mahdi chandler, a white 2 door cupboard for
the new room,  i've been looking for a really large green glazed planter or bowl
to use as a birdbath set into the soil in the circular drive.  they're all around $70
but i got a lovely one for $15 at cheap as chips.  
and i've treated myself to an electric broom, an electrolux cordless upright
vacuum cleaner,  i used janets at point lonsdale and i recommend them to 
EVERYONE who hates vacuuming as much as i do.   I got one reduced from $499 to $298   :0)   i'm a happy girl and i can't believe i'm excited about a
vacuum cleaner

HOW CUTE IS THIS?  there are dovecotes all along the roof of the generic
shopping strip on the Calder Highway  - there are pigeons sitting along the
entire block of at least 12 giant retailers.

I had to detour off the calder on the way home, around the side of Lake
Hawthorne.  The sky was gorgeous and the sun was catching the powerlines
as it often does - i drive home into the setting sun.

       I love the days
when the sun
catches the
power lines
like this

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