Wednesday, 8 July 2015


I've neglected my blog writing for a couple of days - i've had visitors over the weekend and it's been a lovely break (despite my crummy cold) to be waited on and to play scrabble and be indoors in pretty grey cold weather with darling sunny and brett.   

visited anne and met little
max again, what a cutie

then last night with gail in torquay, more scrabble and fish'n'chips, a rare treat that i don't have in wentworth, i haven't discovered a good fish and chippery there or in mildura, so coming down south it's a must,  once is enough but it's a treat. 

reference pics for the book

My book is at concertina book stage, i've just finished so that means i have a structure to work with, the next stage is at hand,   finished art     eek

today i caught up with good friend terry in queenscliff, walks and lunch and now i've put two concertina books together, tomorrow a print or two, and i'm already packing up and getting ready to drive home saturday. it's been good time, quiet in a quiet place, good to get my head around my book and catch up with everyone, not often enough but not in a hurry.    and i'll be back soon  :0)

beautiful swans on the river at barwon heads after the very foggy drive over from torquay this morning. 

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