Sunday, 18 October 2015


IT WAS AN EARLY START - up at 6 to meet graham from harry nanya tours down the street at 7.45.  there were only six of us on the bus and graham talked non stop  all day, so we just sat  back and took in stacks of information about aboriginal cultural history, land rights, mungo man and mungo lady, the ancient tales of lake mungo and the animals that used to roam here - there's no end of stories attached to this amazing place

graham clarke runs harry nanya tours - they travel out to mungo daily

The wonderful old
100 year old shearing
shed - all made of
natural tree trunks
and branches, beautiful
timber and the 
smooth finish of
lanolin,  filled with
swallows, gorgeous

at the end of the day all a girl needs is a bag of frozen peas on her foot :0)

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