Thursday, 29 October 2015


LOTS TO DO TODAY   i had to install my artist's book in the white cube (30cm perspex display cube) at 27 Deakin cafe today.   as i was gathering the things i needed i got a text to say the dates were wrong and i had to install it next week !!   i was angry as the only reason i'd booked it in was to coincide with the Australian Print Triennial which is on this weekend.  a phone call and a couple of texts and the current artist kindly allowed me to install today.  phew!

also picked up my car which now has a brand new bumper thanks to the insurance of the man who ran into me. that involved taking the snappy white pulsar back to hertz (at mildura airport) and picking up my toyota, it looks great :0)

I went to see Bridge of Spies - a really good movie, interesting true story set in the cold war, well told by steven spielberg.

the moon continues to be gorgeous :0)

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