Monday, 3 July 2017


THEATRE SATURDAY NIGHT, and a whole day of film sunday :0)
i couldn't face the crowds to fight my way through Van Gogh so i spent the day at the nova.
My Cousin Rachel, lush, beautiful, gothic romance with fabulous landscape, houses, clothes, furnishings, china.  a great story of manipulation and obsession with perfect leads, Rachel Weisz just right as rachel. loved every minute of it

Una - any excuse to
pop a pic of ben
mendelsohn on my blog.
this is a troubling film,
well done.  dealing with underraged sex and paedophilia in an
ambiguous way. intriguing
Lady Macbeth much darker than my cousin rachel, equally beautiful to look at but a story that descends into very unpleasant territory.  also really good and worth watching just for the masses of amazing blue silk in this dress.

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