Thursday, 13 July 2017


TWO DAYS ON THE ROAD, a few pics of amazing clouds over torquay before i left.

Very sad to say goodbye to gail's gorgeous light bright music room/studio.  I got a good start on the book and loved spending more leisurely time with friends than on previous trips.

just past meredith
on the way to
the grampians,
tuesday, sunny
skies and beautiful
warm sun

FABULOUS SKIES past Ballarat  - Lake Burrumbeet

    arriving at Lake
Lonsdale to the
traditional welcome
of a champagne
cocktail.  thank 
you don :0)

also a beautiful almost full moon

in my room at helen's -
dear old ted who's
been in the family
for about 60 years

I wake up to these two pictures on the wall in front of me,
by helen leach and terry denton

HOME IN WENTY - yesterday afternoon, it's so balmy here
traditional dog in ute :0)

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