Friday, 7 July 2017


I'M NOT GETTING HERE as often as i'd like, but i'm getting plenty done in the studio (sorry gail, the music room).
it's so light and bright in there, progress is good.  Also plenty of time to catch up with friends :0)

sketches of edie for the current book

 and edie's
mother, sally

also some op shopping treats, two good rugs for $8 ea
recycled plastic straws, like the ones i have at home. this is one, the other
one is a grey and cream african pattern,  bargains :0)

walks along the beach - wonderful

TODAY friday -  only three more days and i go, i could work another week in the studio here, hopefully at home i'll keep going

progress on one
of the illustrations,
nice to be working
in oils again and
i love the smell
when i walk in 
 testing out my new langridge oil colours

the reverse side
of a print of
rosemary - this
could be a nice
design element

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  1. Hi, Anne, I admire your drawing skills. It's absolutely amazing and I love it. You're my super hero. I always tell about you to anyone!! Best wishes, Sadami


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