Saturday, 23 May 2015


THE BACK ROOM is looking big and light and fresh, almost finished, the toilet's done, now the doors and i'm finished. it's 6.30 so i'm getting up and doing a couple of hours before i meet a friend for coffee at 11.

New washing machine's installed and working beautifully, solar hot water's working again after a visit from the sparkie and wonderful friend and neighbour sam cross and his property manager justin came over to try to solve my ancient 'leak' problem in the garden. they found a tap dripping once they took the hoses off, replaced it and maybe, just maybe it's solved the problem.  i'm keeping an eye on the pump over the weekend.   People here are very helpful and kind.

Alan and Meryl are in Mildura so today, Saturday, i'm meeting them at the mildura field day. i've never been to a field day before so there'll be pics tonight. they'll stay, don't know how long but it's always good to have them here.

was on thursday, lunch
was at 27 Deakin and 
her husband peter 
organised beautiful
flowers on the table.

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