Saturday, 16 May 2015


WELL i think sometimes being sick is beneficial - does that make sense?  I felt like death warmed up to two days and two more days of completely stuffed up - but i just pulled the curtains and kept really warm and rested and knitted and watched as many good series on netflix as possible - my month's free trial ends monday.
I think i needed that, just to surrender and be still and look after myself. today it's a gorgeous autumn day again, clear blue sky on a glassy river,  the remaining autumn colour clinging on for a few more days. i'm going out to trim some shrubs and soak up some sun.
the bad news is that i'm having plumbing problems, weird critty stuff coming out of the sputtering bath tap, the basin not draining properly.  sigh  -  i'll get some drano but i think it's more than that - perhaps there's some blockage that affected the non-draining washing machine - not a fault of samsung at all :0(   but they're replacing the washing machine with whatever i choose so i'll do that anyway.  LG is able to be serviced here, samsung isn't.   it would be good to be told these things - why would the good guys stock washing machines that can't be serviced.  It's taken two weeks to find that out, samsung was hopeless so my tip - don't buy a samsung washing machine in the sticks :0)   live'n'learn

CAL PICS to brighten up the day even more

with his much loved auntie yuna

oh no - he really is japanese!

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