Sunday, 3 May 2015


The moon is almost
full again, tonight
it will be.
Vicki's here and
last night we 
wandered around
the cemetery then
walked back 
past the lock, it
was like a

 MOONSET this morning at 5.30.  Workshops today

SATURDAY - vicki and i headed
into mildura for the artist's walk around the White Cubes.  three in all - mine was first, no pics.   left is chris fraser, an artist who has a studio at the art vault. 
Recently I've become acquainted with a relative up here, Gordon Searle is a popular hairdresser up here and we're going to catch up with old family pics soon.  He came to the White Cube talk

We had a lovely lunch with Aileen and Sue at Trentham Winery
the blue faced honeyeaters are always quick to clean up
the tables as soon as the customers have gone

gorgeous ornamental grapevines at trentham

at the lock last night

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  1. Hi Annie
    Just wanted to let you know that Dad passed away last week and his funeral is at Northwest Funerals this Friday at 1.30pm in Mildura.
    Neil Searle 0417125399


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