Wednesday, 10 December 2014


today has been a day of highs and lows, life and death, contrasts . . .

it started with a great trip into work on the bus, sun shining, kids all chatty as ever, ned the busdriver
keeping me entertained while he welcomed kids on board with the usual ' hey ya champ'  and the occasional
query about a bus pass, usually with a long involved explanation about how it would be sorted soon.

a good and busy morning at the art vault,  shane jones is still here and ros atkins has arrived, great to see her.
it was xmas lunch today and we all trooped off to the black stump, an really top new restaurant with great

sonja and robert and smoked rabbit tidbits

robert, sonja, shane, andrew, julie, ros and mia

why eat a churro that looks like a turd
when you can just eat the bowl??

ros, ready for work :0)
we had a lovely lunch but then on returning to work sonja had terribly distressing news about a friend.

i came home to sit and film the baby willie wagtails, grown so much in a day, up over the top of the nest and
scarily looking like one of them might fall out.  I sat and watched for ages while i talked to denise on the phone,
the parents are leaving them more and they're becoming more adventurous, still with hardly any feathers though.

as i turned i saw the large goanna strolling along the rise of the riverbank - as he does.   it occurred to me that
he might be interested in the babies as a light meal, but looking at the branches that support the nest, he wouldn't be able to make it out there  - phew.

i came inside to watch tv and with the light on, geckoes and insects were attracted to the glass. i heard a thump
and looked over to see one of the kittens of the feral cat i sent off to the vet last week, it had taken a swipe at
a gecko and knocked its tail off.  sorry little one, you'll be off soon too.

It's really awful to have to catch a pretty little animal like that, but the cage is set and it'll have to go. they're
way too destructive to stay.

i settled down with a sense of sadness to watch david and margaret's last movie show, looking at facebook
as i do.   And saw that dear darling wonderful ross lipson has diedl   I've just come in from sitting outside
in the dark looking at the amazing night sky filled with stars and remembering ross's description of the family's
time in alaska.  on a year's exchange, ross described the family - ross, bea, holly and april - skating on an icy
river or lake under the northern lights.  'the air crackling with electricity'     I've always loved the image that
created - thought of it often, and again tonight.  What a sad sad night.

Now i'm inside again - finished watching margaret and david walk off the screen  for the last time and i'm
surrounded by spiders,  a small hunstman that's just run over the couch, a large one running up the wall and some other spider with a fat body sitting on the outside of the window.

a strange, good, bad and very sad day indeed.  time for bed on a hot and humid night.

ps  a very large bullant just ran across the floor, it is indeed a strange and unsettling night

WEDNESDAY MORNING   -  the feral kitten is now in the cage, small, cute but absolutely wild.  it'll be off this morning.  a day of work at home today

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