Saturday, 13 December 2014


IT'S ANOTHER GLORIOUS DAY but it'll be hot this afternoon and i'm having a christmas lunch with donnie, julie, ruth and anne so i've had a really good early walk and now i'm getting stuck into the spare room, sorting, throwing out, and moving things out to the shed and the bungalow.   I walked up along the bank next to my place and came back right up to my place via the riverbank, which meant climbing under the platform for the pump next door on crown land, and scrambling through a hole in the chicken wire fence and up my bank to the old broken steps up into my yard.  

this is an aboriginal
ring tree - the branches
are fused into a ring
to let visiting tribes
know it's ok to hunt here

    the little green marker is an indicator of size :0)

this is a council yard opposite the made road, i guess these are large fallen trees

the everpresent pelicans, i'm pleased to see more here this week, and young blue faced honeyeaters, quite large, about the size of a wattle bird.  and a lovely LBB  -  little brown bird. I'm about to look it up.

     I think this little fella is a brown treecreeper

  diamonds on the murray

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