Monday, 29 December 2014


I INTRODUCED Sunny to the island,  she ran from my place i drove then walked to the point and did some drawing as usual.  I'm in bed now (sunday) and  i think i'll sleep in  - very very tired.  for no real reason, just time to catch up on rest and do a bit of work on my new website.

we had lunch at the black stump - beautiful kangaroo loin :0)  -  and went to see bill murray in st. vincent, disappointing but ok. then spent a lovely evening (it's warm and mild)

LOVING my new barbie area, today i bought a whole lot of solar lights to hang around in the shrubs. Last night was perfect weather for sitting outside and we cooked up a feast :0)

BUT FIRST a walk to the point in the morning
sunny cooking zucchinis and eggplants :0)

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