Wednesday, 3 December 2014


I'VE HAD NO net access for days and it's too hard to do the blog on my phone.

Melbourne - After the print workshop opening, a night with sandra and patrick in northcote - great to catch up with them and their photos of Cuba - what a country full of music and colour

brekky with chris murphy in high street then off to visit bonnie and little jake in newport.  Sunny and i managed to navigate a ridiculous route way out around the outside of flemington thanks to the gps on her phone.  don't really like those things, i like to see the big picture.

lovely little sappho, a very sweet dog

love the colour of these coffee cups

little jake - five months old

it's lovely to see bonnie so happy

 Sunday - after missing penny byrne's closing show (still kicking myself for getting the time wrong) i drove down to torquay to stay with gail.
denise and i had lunch and then i had a quiet afternoon down at gails. i'm teaching myself the ukulele - it's not hard, i'll just need lots of practice to limber up my fingers and hands

I'm chasing a bag of shoes around melbourne and the coast - i left two new pairs of sandals, some thongs and glass goodies from the op shop in  a bag with someone i stayed with a couple of weeks ago. so far no luck.  i can't imagine where they could be :0|

cockie in the grevillea robusta near gails on monday morning.

BACK TO MELBOURNE ON MONDAY,  a day of op shopping and two movies, nice to have a break in the few days i have here, too much driving every day in busy traffic.  I picked up my work from Mario's and had dinner with lovely Leigh.
 TUESDAY - down to the brighton baths to deliver bathers prints to four of the ladies there.  it was a pretty down there as ever.
then home.  a long long drive, but i got here at 6.30.  great to be back.


the lovely little shell of a mechanics institute somewhere out around central west victoria

gate art


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