Saturday, 29 November 2014


I'M IN MELBOURNE again - seems like only yesterday when i left.   it's good to have housesitters, the big waterski and boat races are on this weekend in wenty and friends from the rowing club are sleeping out on my riverbank :0)

Ted and i hit the road at 7.30 and got to melbourne 5.30 in the evening, just time to fit in the gipps street salvos and get the APW Impressions show.  i'd hoped to catch up with lots of people, but it was mostly buyers.  Did see some
printmakers i know though.  and there's lots of great work on the walls.  i'll go
back and look again when the place is empty.


   This street sign 
set me off on this
series of pics,
hope no one 
was watching :0)

this amazing cactus had the perfume of frangipani

at the Australian Print Workshop Impressions show last night

chris and ray carter

susan wald and friend tim

Louise Donovan and her sweet granddaughter

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