Tuesday, 4 November 2014


WELL I HAVEN'T DONE half the things i'd intended, got carried away with watching the cup and fashions but i had a wander round the garden and took some shots.

 I'm so excited to realise

that the willy-wagtails
i've been watching aren't
just my usual pair, but
the two babies that have
hatched while i was
away.  i was sure this
very exposed little nest
would be raided by
kookas or butcher birds
but no.  Lovely to 
watch the family
ouside my window.

the garden is coming out in a blaze of colour :0)
lovely jacobean lilies - mum had these but i have heaps :0) 

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i have oleanders all
over the place - they're a
strong memory of
kefalonia for me -
tough as buggary
and i love the flowers.

and yes - i know 
they're poisonous,
along with a 
million other 
things we don't eat
opium poppies have popped up in numbers this year after a couple of tries - thanks helen and don

my own
there are
three here
but keeping
them all
watered is
an effort, 
this one is in
a spot that
GREVILLEA ROBUSTA, a spectacular tree

    the fabulous hippies - just love the colours

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