Sunday, 2 November 2014

I'M HOME :0)

so here's a run through of the last two days...

Halloween morning - rene and i were at the new shop at 6.30 for my second go at the coffee menu, this time on a huge sheet of heavy duty paper.  had to get there early to beat the plumbers who were installing the exposed copper piping to the coffee machine. 
I finally got it done with a beautiful fine kolinsky sable brush i'd bought that week in a wonderful art supply shop. I've come home with some really good brushes and a watercolour set.

rene, oiling up the boards to line the tray of his great old VW ute

nearly done,
not terrific but
OK, rene seemed
    there'll be a network of copper pipes leading to the coffee machine, they'll be tarnished and 
    verdigris-ed until close to the machine, then highly polished. that's the plan

great to see rene really excited to see that the coffee bar/bike shop is
really coming together now

ABOUT THE ONLY BIRDS i've seen here are crows, (a few sparrows and pigeons too)   big shiny magnificent crows with a mournful 'caw'.
After getting the sign done i headed off for a few last minute buys and watched these crows literally grabbing these power lines and ripping them and eating them.  

then home to watch cal have his shower and try on his lion outfit for halloween

 this was very
cute and cal
actually loved
having the hat
and hands on -
usually he's 
pulling off his 
socks and
won't have
a bar of hats.
 those cats have the patience of saints

here's the
little terror
finding his
way out of 
tatami door
i told him
he'd get 
stuck but
he knew
better :0)

                       and he's out!

so then it was time to get the rapido train from nearby namba station to the airport.  rene and cal came to see me off (and help me navigate that amazingly huge station)

a quick visit to bug in his skateboard shop on the way to finding a cab

So i spent from 9pm friday to 4.30 saturday on and off planes and hanging round airports, osaka to cairns to melbourne to mildura, where dear donnie and peter picked me up and donnie drove me home to wentworth. everything is looking wonderful, the landscape is dry but the vines and oranges are thick and green and the jacarandas are just coming out. another week and they'll be stupendous :0)

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