Wednesday, 19 November 2014


It's been wonderful to come home to the birds here,  willie wagtails, white cheeked honeyeaters, kookaburras, pelicans, cormorants, blue cheeked honeaters, treecreepers,    (just realised i haven't noticed any kites around since i've been back), galahs, corellas.  
i'm thinking i should photograph one bird a day,   and keep going - it has to be a different bird each day, i wonder how many i'd find. 
would it become a chore?
i'll find out - starting tomorrow.

in the meantime, i've spotted a feral cat since my japan trip, a lean strong cat, twice with large prey in it's mouth - the first time, from a distance perhaps it had a small rabbit, but the second time i followed it, it had a crested pigeon with its head bitten off, and and it left it to what i thought was a different smaller cat  under the bungalow.

today, i realised i was right, the cat has large kittens and i'm really worried about the stumpytail lizards and birds that all live here.

living on land involves a lot more than just enjoying the river

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