Wednesday, 5 November 2014


I ARRIVED HOME after dinner at the pub and walked down to the riverbank in the dark to turn off the pump.  the hippeastrums looked gorgeous in the headlights and the moon is almost full so i spent time taking pics.   Little realising till i decided to go to bed about an hour later that my bedroom window had been pushed wide open, the curtains blowing in on the breeze, and a chair had been placed under the window to allow whoever it was to open it.   i rang anne and steve and they came around while i waited for the police.  absolutely nothing has been touched, i think i probably came home at just the right time.   we think it was kids from town looking for money or alcohol. i've secured all the windows now and will get security lights.  

THIS MORNING  - a walk to the point again and a drama along the way.

this beautiful mother duck and her little ones were making their way across a wide stretch of river, i took this pic and then a kite or falcon started swooping them, trying to get a duckling.  it tried again and again, the mother flapping her wings and squawking to scare it off.   then a houseboat coming along the river moved in and slowly shepherded the ducks to shore.  it was lovely

this is the lovely
old water
tower that stands
on the darling just
across from the
main part of

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