Thursday, 13 November 2014


have taken me to torquay, northcote, south melbourne, now northcote again, off on the train to geelong today then pt lonsdale and queenscliff on the weekend.  flying home on monday and boy, will i be glad to jump into the old ultra soft luxury mattress after giving the garden a good water.

the bark of a chinese elm in the city

these are just pics of pretty things
in one of the houses i've been
staying in, so much to look at

LAST NIGHT  the opening at mario's, a great crowd, some surprise arrivals  -  the girls from the brighton baths turned up, a lovely big group of them, it's a shame at an opening that it's hard to talk to anyone for long.  

no opening is complete
without a couple
of selfies :0) 
fellow artist in residence
at University of New
England in august,
danny stanley

and the lovely vicki,
another friend in need
when i need a bed

betty greenhatch, haven't seen her for ages.  looking good

fellow artists deborah klein and shane jones (they'll be back at the art vault in residence in december) and penny byrne whose current show got a great rap in the age yesterday

this show wouldn't have happened without darling sunny, who helped me collect all the work and drive it up to melbourne for the hanging.  not to mention giving me a bed for a few nights 

lorette broekstra and jude rossell,  and lawrence mooney and sam pang in the background (not for the opening, just having a very long dinner)

I sold seven works, a very nice opening indeed  :0)

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