Thursday, 20 November 2014


I STAYED HOME ALL DAY waiting for the courier to pick up the artwork for 'Where's Annie'.
i needed to get out briefly to do something so rang to see if they could specify morning or afternoon.
i can't believe that big companies like TNT can't contact their drivers during the day and don't pass on my phone number in case they can't find the house.
anyway three phone calls later i get a call saying there's been a 'miscommunication' and the courier isn't coming at all.  that was after 5!!  GRRRRR   they're hopeless

I have a solution to the feral cat problem - the council offers a service where they deliver a cat cage then pick up the cat and take it to the vet to be dispatched humanely.   it's out there now with sardines in it, fingers crossed it works.  

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