Friday, 31 October 2014


EARLY INTO THE NEW SHOP today to get to work on the coffee menu.  it took a couple of hours just to draw in up and then i did the final lettering in a large texta.   it was abysmal so now i'm having another go in the morning, using brush and acrylic on heavy paper.   fingers crossed.
It was great to have a job to do though, i had the whole place to myself for the morning.  spent time with cal this afternoon, he's becoming so vocal, funny little fellow.

 the perfect kneeling
cushion, a pack of
disposable nappies

 time for a coffee
with rene and tila
at westwood
bakery - great
bread and cakes
rene and tila getting some business done

These gorgeous little pre schoolers are transported like this, always in their uniforms, bright colours like orange and hot pink, always with hats, they're so cute

back to the shop to do the sign,  the beginning of something terrible.
 i'm having another go tomorrow

THIS EVENING rene and i walked around the streets and a i did rubbings of the manholes, with his help.
I'm so pleased i got to do this, they look lovely and it was fun.  didn't get run over either :0)

the new shop is coming along nicely

    nice moon tonight

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