Wednesday, 29 October 2014


A DAY of thinking i was doing one thing and ending up doing another.  I was all psyched up to paint rene's menu for the shop today, but the key was with the plumber, then rene took sayaka out for lunch, then later for the rest of the day, it's 7.30 now, cal's asleep and i've done nothing all day except wander round a few shops and sit with cal.  feeling frustrated, tomorrow's my last full day here, i hope i can do the sign, not sure how it will go. and i want to do a few rubbings of manholes (ooh, that
sounds a bit rude).  well, i can only do it when the street is clear, either very early or late and i'd rather have rene with me.  who knows if it will happen

coffee this morning in a large bookshop
rene and cal both have magazines named in their honour :0)

my dapper son
in the hat i
bought him
soon after i got

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